By Shelby Haley


Dear Journal,

A dark ink flows through the tattered page

Humans dancing, laughing, singing on the monochrome stage.

No matter how hard I try

I can’t help but scream why

Why they laugh and sing

When life is such an evil, fickle thing.

But for writing, really I have an unquestionable knack.


So, as the pen flows and writes, I stain the parchment black.


I don’t understand, I hope it will pass


For now I’m hurting, shattered like glass


I see them run by with smiles on their lips


And here I am, stuck, in sad, icy grips.


Pour out my soul through the drops in my eyes


Hoping they’ll see through this happy disguise


The paper is ripping, my heart I’ve attacked


It’s hurting me, staining the paper black.


My veins flow, thick with red ink


Hurt me more, and my heart will soon sink


Rip out emotion and release my poor soul


Let me feel again, make me once more whole.


Think of me when you see those flowers


The glorious crimson ones I stared at for hours


In in this journal I draw, as my voice starts to crack


Those beautiful roses, yet, now they’re stained black.


In my dark little world I’m always in


I’ll be here when I’m old; here I’ve always been


But still, the laughter beckons me close


It makes me question the life I long ago chose


I almost wish they would see me here


And cut the strings of my evil puppeteer.


I write the words and hope to turn back


The pen is emptied of all its black


A hand to reach out, a voice to call

I wonder if I simply imagined it all


But they’ve all appeared, around me with smiles


Of all different shapes, colors and styles


My monochrome world fades all away


And I’m no longer sad today


The paper- my heart- once stained black


Has receded entirely, gone away to its pack


And now, my heart, released from dread


is now a vibrant, loving red.


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