Stages of Writing

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 21:24 -- kaelij

I wrote my first poem when I was six.

It was about how grandmas smell like

vanilla and cinnamon sticks.

When I was ten, I wrote about my

mother's love and how my friend was 

still beautiful even though she was 


At 12, I moved. I met a boy. I didn't

write about him yet. I just knew he 

made me forget.

I turned 13, we were attached at the hip.

I'm 14, I wrote my first poem in a long

time about how we were nothing

alike, yet he was always by my side.

Like how the sun steps back and lets

the moon shine.

Boy unknowingly breaks girl's heart

that's usually how it goes, right?

I started writing poems about him out

of spite.

15. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.

I write poems about how much I hate

him; we all know it's deceit.

I love him more than I like

to breathe. 

I'm 16, we're still friends. I still write

poems about us every now & then.

He tells me he loves me more than I know.

Oh, if only he knew.

If only.


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