Internal and external eruptions

of the rotting remains of what

once was.

Bittersweet darkness and bliss

entwined in a

non-ending spiral of destruction.

In an abyss,

letting life continue on without you,

within the blink of an eye.

Eyes shut unannounced to every moment disappearing

by the tick of the broken clock,

the honey-dipped sweetness

that comes with each moment

of opportunity in life;

now missed out

leaving a burning sensation

dripping deep down

in you,

filled with envy over-flowing

throughout the deepest crevices of yourself,

as they watch

with blind eyes

and bound arms.

The rage filled with what could be

forced out through a whispered voice,

shaking a hidden opening. Hope for making the best of it all.

Unmasking a light.

Craving the beacon of heart that comes

hand and hand

with living life with a purpose

to engage

each moment fully.


A warm embrace surrounded by

the rebirth into the knowing,

eyes uncovered to see the light for what

it truly is.

The first breath of truth enlighten the soul,

leaving you tumbling to the core.

Goosebumps invading every inch of your skin

a sensation of elasticity flowing through your limbs.

Unbenounced to the warm embrace

unbinding your arms.

Now free

to walk among the rest of the living shells

complete with the essence of life

and live

in all the moments that surround us.

As we are beginning to experience

each precious moment gifted to us

instead of watching from the sidelines.

Once never to know the true sensation of utter bliss.

Rejoice in the rebirth

of your mind and

soul cleansed,

able to take it all in.



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Fitzy Marlote

Concrete dam that's a lot of imagry. Sounds like you eaither found a purpose to live, found the ONE or got saved. Whatever transformed you was very powerful. of all the poerty forms free verse is my favorite; it alows more creative freedom than any other. You did well.



Thank you so much

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