Stage Lights

Fri, 11/01/2013 - 23:00 -- akeown


Exposition, plot, rising action

This is how it begins

Climax, falling action, resolution

This is how it ends


To tell a story is to give a gift

To act one out is to inspire people true

But first I must force insecurities to lift

I must develop into the character, becoming someone new


Then come the stage lights, they illuminate the actors

The audience is now invisible, the lights leave me blinded

No longer does my mind race over unimportant factors

I'm ready to preform, lines not needed to be reminded


A series of words I've recited a billion times

From the tip of my tongue, they begin to form a picture

Now I speak them, reciting my lines

Out of my mouth pours words from a scripture


The audience listens closely, as my tone of voice conveys

What the story has unfolded; as I try not to burble

Now, I must move my body about the stage

It's been said that one speaks louder with non-verbals


Once the story has ended the curtains draw to a close

But don't leave now, the show is not over yet, you see

The stage lights become a spotlight and when I strike my pose

The curtains open back up and with a bow I've earned my victory


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