St. Joseph's Christmas Prayer

Lord, how am I

A humble carpenter,

A lowly laborer,

A servant even of servants,

How am I to take this on?


On merciless straw

And these hardened rocks

The Mother of god lays

In a stall fit only for an ox.


So tender and so calm,

She smiles while she sleeps,

The Savior of us all

Within her Temple keeps.


How am I to do this?

I truly do not know.

Show me now, O Lord,

How to help Thy Son grow.


I am not rich at all

I am certainly not without sin,

Lord, I am not worthy,

Oh how can I take care of them?


Only Divine Son

The Redeemer of all men,

Immaculate Mother and Lady,

So where do I fit in?


Tiny as a wood chip,

Fragile as a thread,

The Son of God so helpless

He can't even lift his head.


Holding him here

Praying he won't fall,

Now I am ready Lord

To answer Thy call.


Doubts in myself

Are none too small,

But I trust you, my God,

To show me how to take this on.






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