She was in a theater

Where the chairs were uncomfortable and mushed together

It was so crowded, people around her kept elbowing each other

“Oh I’m sorry, oh I’m sorry” they replied

Everyone was talking at once

Waiting for the speaker to speak


This stage was just like any other stage

Huge red curtains draped around the frame

One microphone in the center and one spotlight

She looks around, impatient,

Wriggling her legs as she sits in her uncomfortable chair

Waiting, still waiting


A bright light shines in her face

She automatically raises her arm to protect her eyes

As she lowers her arm

She realizes, she is no longer in her uncomfortable chair

She is on the stage, with the white light of the spotlight on her

Everyone stares, starting to whisper


Her hearts racing, palms sweating

“I don’t have anything important to say”

As she steps back from the microphone

But then it occurs to her


She does have something to say

Her opinion does matter

She steps back up to the microphone

But everyone has started to talk again

Ignoring her, “oh she has nothing important to say”

She feels invisible


Speaking again, as loud as she can

Still no one can hear

She can’t get their attention

Maybe her opinion doesn’t matter

This is a nightmare she screams

Tears running down her cheeks


She jolts up, from a deep sleep

It was just a nightmare

Just a nightmare  


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