Spoken Word-Space and Everything

Stars and planets sliced through our plain universe; eons ago these thing did not exist to us.  But they were present in their own existence.  Our triaxial ellipsoid spins on a tilt of 23.5 degrees, making us dizzy with thoughts, yet it spins with ease. The spherical and angular moons of different planets spinning and whizzing through the air, will take your breath away, except there is no oxygen, no breath to take today.  Bright luminaries light up the constellations with a blissful feeling and presence that could never be copied by anything other than the super magnificent marvels of interpretations in space.  Intergalactic beings fly, spiraling towards the center of what we know now to be the astronomical environment of the universes of life.  A giant, luminous sphere of plasma, known as a star, develops from a slowly rotating cloud from afar. It’s own gravitational pull shrinks the cloud; and it spins more and more quickly down, down, down.  All of the stuff inside this cloud grows hotter and then star ignites, exploding with hot, dense, crazy light. Black holes and white stars fill the galaxy like a balloon, along with other planetary objects, circulating around space, around moons.  With so much intergalactic expanse, ranging from light years and light years away to something so close it is right in your face, this is still known to man as one central location: SPACE. That is like change; it is stellar; it will come.  When and how we do not know, everything is beating to a different drum.  Waiting to see when the next supernova will burst and fill the entire universe around it with an uncontrollable amount of light, and then energy, leaping and bounding towards our fragile little (big) planet we call earth; change will come.  Who knows, maybe the next change will not be a president or a new piece of technology, a revolution or the end of a life in reality, maybe it will be one tiny change billions and billions of miles away.  One tiny difference, a transformation, in one tiny star.  What will become of that unknown light from so far?  Sometimes the arduous, energizing work of this star is all gone to waste, as soon as it erupts energy spews out of it like a condensed starry paste and it disappears, becoming nothing, just a small difference in the atmosphere of all stars, of all superstars.  This luminary will disappear, with nothing left to its name, nothing of commemoration for that little star that became… something. We are all like these starts, moving towards each other with milliseconds to lose, forgetting that what we do is sometimes not what we choose…we know it might be wrong, but we need to act out, speak our minds, take charge, forget what the rules are about. We need to encourage change before another kid in a hoodie gets shot, close range. We need to encourage free thinking before someone goes slinking behind someone else’s back, can’t we all just get along whether in the dark, shadows or light? We need to, as people, start doing what’s right. So what’s the big picture, the reason we are here? Stars and space. That’s it, that’s my answer, my dear. Star and space, it will all transform into something that might not even be possible to trace. How do I know this? How is it remotely possible that something as big and complicated as space could be expressed this easily without indignation?  Because change in nature is always overpowered by imagination. So get your education, get vocalization, we all need to rebel against the trepidation of the fall of westernization, we need your imagination, my inspiration, but most of all, we need reconceptualization and unification. This isn’t an overintellectualization or a theatricalization; this is one person confronting the vastness of space in the face.

After all, space is everything, so why are we waiting?


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