Spirituality of Love...


By the River Piedra
I sat down and wept
All my fears into the stream
Carried down to the stones
The bones, the sun shone
That day, again I await the day
That you return home

The feet that turn to yards and miles
Are worth the walk, the dusty toes
The trials, the broken pacts,
All given to see your smile

My world freezes, from slowed paces of concrete
To the waves slowed movements,
A bird frozen in the sky,
The bees honey, the rainbow butterflies

By the road to Santiago
I sat down and prayed
That we would come together again
Formed by different paths we've strayed

I'd welcome you with open arms
My oath to you as your protector,
Your great friend, your lover
For love leads to the greatest light
And most dreadful of sin

When you and I are together
Our skin, hearts, minds, soul
Become one

One with the sun
One with the Earth
One with the heavens
One with God

God is within ourselves
The feminine and masculine faces
Of love built from one stone
That a builder once refused
based on the individual
Made to live in recluse

Yet given the ultimate opportunity
Discovered love, a fools conquest
No, for only fools know of love
The wise live love, and God is love

By the great Red Sea
I laid on the sand and dreamt
Then while I was drifting
You stood over me,
as one with the air
You caressed my face,
then played in my hair


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