Spiritual Manna

A situation of dire need and stress

On a deserted island a man is found as a mess

He has nothing neither here nor there

Except a ragged old book he has as spritual fare

Should he read such a despised old text?

In which atheist's temperments often become flexed. 


Opening to the Book of Revelations, the man sees the plight of Patmos John 

How he endured brutal exile and yet managed to keep movin on

Opening to the Book of Job, the man found the morals of endurance for Job who lost all

Even though his sin would be considered, in modern times, outstandingly small

Opening the Book of Exodus, the man finds the story of the Jews escape from their bonds

As Moses, in the harsh desert, inspired them to look past the odds of their current flailing dawns


The man said to himself, "Surely if these souls could survive, so shall I."

He fashioned a spear for fishing, a knive for hunting, and a fire for a pilot's eye. 

The man's spirits were uplifted after catching a fish and hunting a snake for lunch.

He even was able to make insects and leaves into a soup for the next day's brunch! 

He also purified water with a little bit of knowledge and fervor

And was able to create a shelter from trees wood with helpers or servers. 


Eventually, a search party rescued the man from his situation

No longer would have to burden himself with nasty rations

The search party asked, " How did you survive for all of this time." 

The man replied, " My God boosted my morale in time." 

"Many others could have gone mad and degenerated and have been lost."

But my Bible provided me with the will to not be another statistical cost. 


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