Spirit of the Warrior

The wind refuses to blow when he breathes and he doesn't make a sound when he moves. He is the definition of Vice and Victory and its a battle that he will never lose. His sword is forever drawn from its sheath, the blade is forever stained with the blood of the Damned. His body moves with an celestial grace not known to man. He can end the life of evil with a flick of his hand. His voice is loud, clear, and determined. He stands with a certain confidence to instill fear. He will give you a warning and then you are through. He'll say it once : "Evil has no place here." He is the Guardian of Life and Death. His blade is his jury, his victory, his judge and he is flawless and graceful in his ways. On his blade, there will never be a smudge Do not mistake his strength, for he is spirtually powerful. Do not mistake his mercy, for he is cruel and Demise. Do not mistake his emotionless visage, for he feels more than anyone in the world. Do not mistake his courage, for there has been fear in his eyes Do not mistake his grace, for he once knew Hell. Do not mistake his protection, for he has never let anyone taste Death. Do not mistake his fury, for he has known sadness. Do not mistake his dead body, for his spirit lives to take another breath "Those who dare to pass before the Gates of Paradise with no priviledge shall taste the metallic Death of my Blade of Judgement." 

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