You see me on the wall

And what’s the first thing you do?

You become appalled,

And suddenly within a few

Seconds you make a big mistake.

You run for a broom or a shoe,

And try to flatten me into a pancake.

I’m defenseless against you.

You’re fifty times my size.

I make annoying insects disappear,

But I’m still despised.

You think I’m ugly; that’s been made clear.

But hairy legs and many eyes

Are not something to be feared.

Hairy legs and backs are found on many guys,

And teachers have eyes in the back of their heads, it appears.

I also make webs, works of art.

Have you noticed how beautiful                                                                                                                                  My web looks after the rain starts?

I think I’m pretty cool.

I can walk on walls and dihydrogen monoxide,

And I can shoot string from my butt.

You couldn’t do these things if you tried.

I don’t understand what

You want to end my life for.

Why can you not see

My guts don’t have to be splattered on the floor?

That next time we meet, you can set me free?

Just capture me and go outside.

Set me down and let me be released.

If you choose to abide,

We can both live in peace.



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