Most people

don't know me too well.

In their eyes,

I am nothing but a




little girl.

I'm short for my age-

and I guess that's why

I don't come off as


or even just social.

So when people don't talk to me,


I don't really talk to them,



Instead I write.


All of my thoughts

build up over time,

waiting to

burst out through my fingertips,

across the paper,

and finally be free.

When I write,

I'm not just writing words

that have little or no meaning,

words you can find

in a dictionary and

place in any sentence.




I write to free my soul

of it's pain,

of it's empty despair

and flaming hate.

I write to unbind my heart,

to tear off the ropes that

dig into my flesh,

holding me back from

my happiness.

I write to heal my wounds

from the cruel words they spit at me,

to tell myself that

they are wrong.


And when I write,

I want to show the world

that I am not afraid to

share my hope with all the other

hopeless little no ones

who no one really knows.


Those who only speak with their mouth,

they don't get it.

They don't understand that

words can form more than just sentences;

they can form walls and barriers

to protect us from our misery,

and they can fight with all the strength

of a fist,

all the power of a loaded gun.


Words can bring us down

and leave us begging on our knees,

or hopelessly crying without

anyone to care.

Words can lift us up,

and teach us to be stronger than before,

to never let go of the fact that

there's still hope.


I don't know why I speak when I do,

but when I write,

I want to show my words to

all those people out there

I don't know

who are just like me:


Speechless but ready to speak.


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