Special, Little Me

Nothing exactly special

Nothing really out of the ordinary

But yet still very unique

I used to be one to wear that mask

To just vanish into the crowd

But where would I be

If I never tried to stand?

Probably far gone

Down the path I walked

Yet I have spun these wheels long enough

It is time to turn around 

Time to show them all the real me

I am not quiet

I am loud

Someone with a voice yearning to be heard

I am passionate Determined

And stronger than appear

I shove forward

In a world that wants to push you down

I have learned to be my own light

In the times of darkness

I have big dreams

Huge dreams

To show them the big person

In a little body

Let go of the words of yesterday

And show off the actions of tomorrow

I go with the flow of life

But never the flow of society

For this is the real me

Just a silent person screaming to be heard

And like a phoenix

I will be reborn

Soaring among others

Showing to all my true colors

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oh wow thank you again 0//,//0 that's very sweet of you to say that ^^ I'll try to post when I can ^^"

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