Special Flower (prose poem)

Tue, 10/28/2014 - 14:15 -- J.M.

I was taking a long walk one day, letting my mind run free. As I was walking I thought about my goals and dreams, and then something caught my eye: One little flower standing tall in the middle of an open field. Around the flower are ugly weeds; its bright rosy petals and lengthy green stem stand out. What if someone were to stomp on the flower? Why would someone dislike its beauty? Its individuality is what makes it looks so beautiful. All of the weeds look the same. If one were to pick at the flower and its petals, then it wouldn’t be beautiful anymore.

You are the flower, and everyone else is the weeds. They constantly pick at your flaws. Don’t wilt. Keep standing tall. Let the world see your beauty. Be proud of who you are, never let anyone tear you apart. Why follow someone’s ugly ways? Being beautiful is not only about how you look, it’s also about what you do. We are remembered by the things we do and how we change the lives of others. Be beautiful inside and out. A pretty face can have an ugly attitude and not be pretty anymore.

So as I look at that flower, I think about myself and the many beautiful people I know. We are constantly despised by many envious people. Tell yourself every day you are beautiful because you are aware of your flaws. You shall blossom like a flower into a lovely individual. 

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