Special does not mean wrong


Sitting on a park bench
An amazing vantage point
Seeing the world pass by 
Listening carefully to every noise

Hear a mother and a child, a husband and wife
In a society like this why must we strive to be the same?
Everyone tries to fit the norm
And our human race loses its strife

Everyone of us is different so why must we hate?
With all the kind words we have do we often forget
That feelings are still a thing and evidently they are,
Whether to a complete stranger or a lifelong mate

Retard and stupid are names shouted everyday
Never caring about the meaning 
Just another word right? Wrong
I think it is time that we watch what we say

This poem is a dedication but not a happy one
To the teacher who used these words daily
To just about all of us children
Including the one who was a wise man's son

Knowing I could not fight back I kept my thoughts in my head
For us young kids just had to deal with teachers words
But unfortunately not all young ones can know this
Because of Mr. Careless young Jackson is dead

When you say retard it's not as simple as you think
Such a complex word can have so many meanings
It offends the many, the relatives and the effected
What makes retard any nicer than, faggot, nigger or chink?

These words are so harsh but retard is viewed as not?
That is what I hope to change in the future
Stop bullying the special people
With a heart so cold what makes you so hot?



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