Speaking Tongues

One day you will wake up and find

that you can’t say a word

that you are far too frustrated, too grieved,

too passive, too afraid

You want to punch your mother

but you also want to hold her close

You think you were born for a reason

but you can’t seem to love yourself

You want to leave so badly but

life takes you deeper than you ever wanted to go

It says, “you belong here”

but you don’t.


These were the thoughts I couldn’t express aloud.

This was the manifestation of an overflow of emotion.

Grow up not knowing how to use your mind, your tongue

your heart, your hands

Poetry was like learning a new language that forewent all

You listen, you speak, you write

You inherit

You don’t fall in love with a language until you find people who have cherished it for years

I see these people who can speak wonders and clamor for more

Include me,

include me

Tell me I belong here,

                                    and I do.




This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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