Speaker For the Dead

It stopped being a game when they threw away the rules

I’m not just your pawn, not another of your tools

I am Ender Wiggin, a battleschool trained third

I will not sacrifice these men just because you say the word


I am not a killer; I just win thoroughly

I don’t know why you saw Xenocide when you looked at me

You trained me for battle, ‘till all I saw was red

And then you let me become Speaker for the Dead


You didn’t let me have any friends; my isolation was complete

You trained me for the battle room, you trained me to compete

You took a group of misfits and I made them into an army

And because of you, a killer is how they will remember me


I took the Bugger Queen and I searched for a new home

Across the galaxies, Valentine and I roam

I speak for those who cannot speak for themselves

I unearth the secrets in which their story dwells


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