Speak in Silence

I speak in silence just wainting to be heard

Speaking in silent words only my muse inspires me to speak what I speak in silence 

The never ending silence that occurs all around my head, wanting and waiting for someone just one person to look at me and hear me out

I guess that will never happen, my silence is too strong, but I like to speak my words out, in silence

I glaze around the world looking at everyone and everybody speaking out loud but never knowing what they are saying

Me, I speak quietly, but process everything in my mind, it's like a smooth electric current that passes through my body

Waiting and just wanting to come out, but soon enough it will and when it does I will no longer be speaking in silence

The never ending urge to get back at that one person that hurt me the most

The one that i never trusted I never said yes never consented at my behalf

That's the one I want to get back at, let him be my host of the show

See how he suffers and cries out for help see how much pain he infiltrated in my head 

Physically, emotionally, verbally... Depression, that's the category it falls into

Never told anyone about it, so silence is what I'm speaking, it'll come out one day, just one day.

Then my words will not compile up in my head they will blurt out like cannon balls, and aim straight at my target. 

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Angela Lemus

Please let me know if this is a good enough poem, please and thank you. :)


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