Speak Up

Voice your opinion be heard
Your silence is death
But its only killing you
Born with a purpose
Have nothing to lose
Only to gain
Respect at the end
Not from the contribution itself
The braveness and honor of what you stand
Recognized neutralized
And understood as something of pride
You aren't seen as an individual
By just following
What the crowd thinks
You are your own
Once you can imagine your journey
And follow your dreams
One step ahead will you be till the end
You have distinct views
Of what you portray
Creative mind
A valued soul
Don't let the others
Condemn your goals
You have a choice
You aren't locked
Make you feel like you're in jail
But you are in charge of the clock
Tick tock
Time doesn't stop
But you're the hands
Can't go back
You make the demands
You are the plan
The vision and the truth
You could change the world young one
But it's not up to me it's up to you

This poem is about: 
My community


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