Speak Up

Don't tell me when I'm gone
Tell me when I'm here
Don't tell me to my back
Tell me to my ear
Say it to my face
Say it loud and clear
Don't say its intent
Say it sincere
Express with your words
Not with your write
Express with your heart
Not with your mind
Explain who, what, when
Explain where and why
Explain it to me straight
And not cock-eyed

You got somethin' to say, say it to me now
Say it right away, not next time around
Open up, open your mouth
Open wide, come on spit it out

Speak up, open up your mouth, open up wide
Speak up, wha'chu jawin' about, tell me why
Speak up, give me a reason, an explanation
Speak up, speak to me darling, tis the season

Don't look up or down
Don't look to the side
Look me in the face
Look me in the eye
See my point of view
See my side
See how I feel
See how I try
Hear me when I speak
Hear my words
I'm tryin'a hear you speak
But you can't be heard
I can't listen to quiet
This is absurd
I'm listening, baby
Speak up, it's your turn

Whisper if you gotta, just make it clear
If you wanna let me know, say it right here
Let it out, in the atmosphere
Speak up, I can't hear

Speak up, give it to me straight, say it aloud
Speak up, tell me how you feel, tell me now
Speak up, give me a sentiment, a quotation
Speak up, talk to me, I'm listenin'




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