That Spark


 My reflection stares at me, it reminds me of all the things I've done to be where I'm at today. All it takes is one daily reminder of all the things I've been through in life and how I managed to overcome everything. That reminder is a spark. It takes a spark to ignite a dream and that spark is in me. That spark is my motivation when things seem to be out of hand it acts like a personal alert reminding me how much I've tried to be where I'm at today. I've seen that spark accomplish things that seemed impossible to achieve. That spark flashes an image of me in a hospital going up to a family telling them "We saved your loved one". I see myself saving lives, helping out my community is something that  I dream of. The medical field can fulfill that dream of hearing voices thanking me with immense gratitude. The thought of someday being that health professional who comes home everyday with a smile, because I was able to help a patient ignites that spark. That spark holds a bright future for me.  That spark is itIimportant w  

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