space boy x flower girl

lets put things into a different perspective than just one person loving another

a demon glorifying an angel

because those are far too overplayed in my mind and im tired of writing about the gospel that keeps me awake at night

i am one small flower, slightly wilted and quite alike the rest around me

one measly flower in a field of flowers much prettier than i,

but it doesnt bother me much anymore because ive learned i cant change what kind of flower i am

i will always be a yellow/orange wilting flower that can do nothing but sigh

you, oh lord, you are every bright light up in the glorious sky

you are all types of wonder, which makes you absolutely divine

when i saw you, i adored you

and although you dont believe me when i say you mean so much to me and i couldnt survive without you,

you didnt notice how much i began to depend on you

because you, you are the glowing sun in the sky that i look up to for warmth and nourishment to be able to get me through the day, your yellow rays making me feel loved and hopeful and oh so cheerful

and you are the thunderstorms that nurture me and give me health, comforting me when i lose who i am and become doubtful of my status in this field of flowers, telling me im far more beautiful than the rest and that you would chose me over a bouquet of fresh roses any day

and you are the galaxies and the universe in which i see every night, i reach out for you because you seem so close and yet i cant touch you, you look so soft and at peace, sleeping soundly just like the moon. i swear the colors i see emitting from you are like something ive never seen before, you leave me mesmerized and you dont even notice. you cant even see your beauty but every time you smile i swear i melt a little more and i cant help but wonder what its like to be so beautiful and yet such a fiery substance that could tear down planets with just a look. every atom in your bones are made of stardust and light and you could set me ablaze at any moment and you know that, but you never do.

because im your little flower

your small, wilting flower

that you hope you can enlighten again


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