Sowing and Sowing

I'm sowing and sowing

And gathering into barns
I've heard of misfortune 
And I've been warned 
Some think fate will smile as he passes
Yet he is the one receiving the masses 
So I gather and gather and cling to my treasures
I steal into hiding beyond every measure 
And when I hear the knock on the door
I know he is coming of this I am sure
And he takes and takes all I held onto
Like a robbery uncivil rude and so cruel
And I am left without hope.
So I must gather some more just that I may cope.
I look round for a woman to fit me
A woman beautiful outside and inside complimentary 
And hope crushes those who possess it
The beauty vanishes as you caress it
For it is vanity
And you might say, but how can true love be so
The damsel is always rescued by the hero
And that may be all yes quite fine
But fate has funny conversations when he dines
So rest your confidence in another suitor 
A King so grand and full of all power and beauty
Yes, this is God 
So quit your arrows of doubt this devilish duty
And look to the birds
He provides for them 
Instead of searching the globe for a woman a wife
Serve Him with your entire life
And if He happens to let you enjoy
The marriage of girl and boy
Man and woman two made one
Or keeps you as an individual still worship the Son along with the Father and Holy Ghost coequal and eternal who loves those He chose
And serve the One who provides for the raven
He is to you an eternal safe haven.


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