The Soundtrack of My Life (or Why My Thoughts are no Good)


That lilt in the voice,

of someone,

who can sing my heart to smile,

or to laugh,

or to cry.

That melody is all it takes

to ease this mind working time and a half,

this mind,

endlessly running 1000 kilometers and hour,


the speed bumps of a few well placed chords appear,

harmonizing with my slowing heart beat.


But as the four minute respite ends,

the familiar tightening in my chest begins,

the tempo of my anxieties pick up,

as the tune fades,

the knot in my stomach twisting,

belly full of emotion previously dammed

by the sound of a world

that is pulled away when the last tune’s vibrations

dissipate into open space,

where it no longer belongs to me.


The fraction of a second before

the next pieceofmind plays,

feels like an eternity.


But once the soul of “whoever”,

reaches mine via those,



chosen vowels and consonants backed by a melody,

reminding me of somewhere else,

I can rest again.


Music ships me far from myself,

stealing me away from this

Arranged Marriage to my anxious self.


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