The Sounds of the Shadows

I go to my room to sleep.

I feel as if my slumber is near.

My eyes close and my slumber starts to turn deep.

As I hear footsteps quickly scurry across across my floor, I am filled with fear.

I get up to check what was there.

Due to the dark, I couldn't see a thing.

I try to let my eyes adjust, but with the feeling in my chest, I didn't dare.

I try to go to back to bed, I then hear my ears start to ring.

Voices start to manifest in the back of my mind.

Trying to ignore them, I adjust myself, There was then a tremendous thud that appeared to be on my kitchen floor.

As I jump out of bed, I wish my eyes would've been more kind.

Because I saw a masked man, sitting in my chair, saying "you should really lock your door".


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