Souls of the Many

The souls of the many
Were taken to the gates that day
That day where a deranged boy decided to kill
Looking out the window sill
You don’t see their souls being carried up to the clouds
But they are
20 children
6 Adults
Their souls went to heaven
They were killed in a horrible way
They did not need to pay this way
They did not need to pay at all
But it happened anyway
It will happen to us all
I am not saying we all will die by being shot
I am saying we will all go to those pearly gates
Up in the sky
But until we die
We must question why
Why had a deranged boy killed so many souls then turn around and kill himself?
Maybe he grew a conscience
Maybe he had regrets and the only way to pay for his horrible deed
Was to kill himself
None the less
This day will forever be remembered
While some move to forget
You must not regret the events of that day
For it holds a lesson today
Help others in a time of need
Do good deeds
Protect those who can’t protect themselves
Be kind
Don’t be a bad mind
Don’t ever forget life’s events
For they may be immense
They may be intense
But there is always a lesson to be learned


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