Soul Sense Waking


I was born 1988

Was this my starting fate?

Right after the Astros harmonic convergence

Does the life journey have some sense?


I am an individual

We are all life fuel


One cannot experience all of life

Earth continues despite much strife

The mediums of experience evolve

Let’s continue on with resolve


Whatever faith one has

Challenge yourself to pass


Each being has lessons to learn

The “mainstream bandwagon” must be burned


The powers-that-be control what’s “good and bad”

One should discover a personal life-pad


Do not be trapped into dual thinking

Unique perspectives are accurate being

Many possible paths define one’s road

I am just one from the galactic code


Do you have a soul?

Do you have any goals?

That is something one must decide.

You have your own conscious-hide.


Live, live, live

Live, live, live


The fears beneath your skin must come out to air

Or you shall continue to live in fear and scare


Planet Earth is not 2000 old

The illusion of time does hold

True Earth is like millions years

Current Earth is like systemized gears


Let’s agree to disagree

All knowledge does not grow on trees

Let’s discover all identities

A team works best with all entities


Live, Live, Live

Live, Live, Live


This is my ending thoughts at large

One should discover what has charge


Think for one-self

Be one-self


Personality makes one a unique specimen

Does one strive to manifest a powerful ken?

Powers-That-Be want human “toys”, no more

Is life all about rich and poor?


Live and let live

Life is a complex sieve


Newer creations are not always better

Do not give-up with society’s fetters


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