Soul Searching


If I were to die and be reincarnated I would hope to meet you once more; if time is kind and allowingI hope to have you as my friend once more.

Dark, cloudy dripping rain pats down drizzling rain onto the pavement but sunshine was always there.

Two distraught  souls wander aimlessly hoping to be caught by someone's pure air. You saved me from darkness and sorrow, reached out to me with comfort and laughter; my shared spirit it was you who I was chasing after.

Caught me off guard with your honesty, surprised me with your passion, reminded me of the fear of lossing happiness.

Not many know what it is to be brought back to life, to have that shine resignate once more in your heart. To laugh effortlessly and to admire truth and responsibility.

My best friend who makes me cry, not on his will but through his eyes. It can be a burden to feel so weak but an equal balance when I've reached my peak. My best friend your soft blue eyes, they show concern and worry; they look deeply for beauty and admire it purely and proudly.

My best friend a man who is resillent at lessons taught, a man who marches at the beat of his own heart. A man who would not hesitate to put his life on the line for another human being.  My best friend who hurdles mountains, whose dreams will surpass the heavens and will soar above us all our own superhero. My best friend time is trickling near at the day when it all ends, don't forget that I carry you with me always.

If our time together taught me anything, it is this...

Souls that need to find one another will, if not then we would have no story to tell, no jokes to rattle, no tears to shed. When two souls meet on a journey through darkness they will climb towards the light above. Thank you my friend for burning brightly your delicate heart, your passionate will, and your eager determination. If we were to meet again once more, I hope you remember, I hope you recognize my being. For you are a soul I don't mind spending a century awaiting for.


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