Soul Mate

Tue, 04/05/2016 - 00:15 -- m.tpete

You know that one girl?

That you just can't get enough?

You want to give her your world

But you feel likes its too rough

Well I've been there, done that

Seen things, had regrets

But I don't regret walking up to her

That beautiful face running the race we all do 

At a better, faster, stronger pace

A perfect image nothing to erase

I could paint you a portrait

With the thoughts that go by

She's an angel, a miracle, oh my how she flys

Oh my, how many great goals she will strive

And to think along side she wants me?

I say to you

Find that bundle of joy, of light

Look for love despite feeling 

Undeserving and unlovable

Find the person willing to uncover you from the rubble

Of your past, of your last, fast brush with death

Even 9 years isn't enough to catch your breath

Don't accept "You're weak"

Seek out all that you want to keep

Even that quiet, meek girl you see every week.

Be a geek

They think it's cute and ladies don't refute you know it's true

True love isn't a myth

But it doesn't come in Disney's 2 hour bliss

It took me 5 months to accept the truth

That the girl I really needed was right under the roof

Of the band room; I couldn't see the proof.

But I found it on a trip

On our skip to Anaheim for the happiest place on Earth

She sat right down and turned my stomach upside and around

I abandoned my wants on a previous fling

My god, how I wondered how it would work with that thing

But it didn't matter she calmed my fears

Said she was looking into me too, how I almost burst into tears

My brain exploded in feelings so true

What should I do with this beautiful hue

Beautiful shade of intelligence and thought

How could I compare with a girl so wrought 

With opporunity and eloquence

That intelligence was more, it was benevolence.

She shared my pain.

She made it into gain.

Threw away the rain

And made the sun shine

So I end, and this was my story.

Like a book it doesn't need to end gory.

In fact strive for glory as you write the pages of your life.

And find someone to share it with, a husband, a wife.

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