Soul Garden

It sends bitter orders through your veins.
Infecting your bloodstream and eats away at your skin.
Borne in your soul,
It metastasizes without hesitation.
An infinite army of perfect poisonous soldiers.
A tyrant named Pain calls out the order.
They demand that their poison army be felt by all.
The garden of your soul is attacked by this army.
Destroying the sprouting hopes of yourself.
Blinding the eyes of the caretaker.
The plants wither down,
hearing the wails of their comrades.
Pain is a bitter being.
Only wanting destruction of others.
It listens to what the Soul Garden fears.
It listens to other souls and warps their words.
Pain a pure sadist, will tell you the truth.
Getting a perfect shot right in the heart.
Pain will lie.
Bringing rain down with the false burning anxieties that infect the Soul Garden’s sense of reality.
Depression floods the soil.
Feeding the Soul Garden the ideology it will never grow.
Blocking the sun, the truth that has one know that it will forever grow.
Some of the Soul Garden will fail.
Pain will call upon snowstorms so severe that parts of the soul withers down
The depression Pain snows down into the soul makes it lose control.
Its lingering waters remain, tampering with the soul.
Bringing the Soul Garden to its knees.
Crying out to the seemingly empty hope that happiness will be achieved.
Succeeding in this one war.
However, this tiring war is never over!
The Soul Garden is not dead!
Prevailing through the snow is the Wintertime Garden!
Those that can survive in these deathly conditions.
The Wintertime Garden wars through the harrowing snow.
Fighting back Pain and their lowly army.
Stopping these snowstorms.
Not letting Pain or this depression overtake them.
Even if they’re gnawing at their heart.
You are a legion!
A legion that can fight back this pain.
The Soul is not Pain’s hostage.
The Soul is not a threat to Pain.
It’s a promise.
There will be times of peace.
When you sprout with happiness overflowing you.
The hope that you achieved happiness has come.
Relax all the parts of you and let all types of happiness flow into you when it comes.
Swirling around and evening you out.
Weary muscles at rest.
Popping around you and getting you ready.
Twitching in excitements.
However, you must realize that you don’t actually achieve happiness.
Happiness…………. is like the sun.
It comes; and then it goes.
You must appreciate that it’s there to give you comfort in times of enjoyments.
Your soul must be open to whatever comes its way.
Whether negative or positive.
Grow around these things and solve them.
Knowing that it will get better, and grow.
So let your Soul Garden through it all.
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