A Sort of Positive Thrall

Imagine a world with no sense of privilege, no sense of self betterment, no sense of egocentrism.

If everyone were the same, then no one would feel downtrodden.

Everyone would feel the obligation to help one another.

There would be no jealousy from one neighbor to the other.

Say, “Good bye,” to World Hunger, to poverty levels, to discrimination, to wars and to strife,

Dreamers dream of such a life.


Take not away the subtle differences that make humans who they are.

Take not away their sense of self, nor their drive, nor their car.

Simply remove the prejudice, the privilege, the pain, and see society shine.

Take away the root of the problems, and watch the stars align.

Remove the negatives, and a researcher should find,

People become happy, optimistic, and kind.


No hope, no dream, seems too large or too small,

Everyone will be supported in a sort of positive thrall.

Dream big, even if the end seems unattainable,

One day society will realize this idea is sustainable.

So long as it’s easily explainable,

Someday, the dreams will be obtainable.


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