I am sorry my love.
And I'll say it a million times over. I'll show it, like an alcoholic man trying to prove that he is sober. And I'll make it known until we both are older. To keep our love from being over.

I will kiss your lips if it will help keep a grip. I will hold our world safely within my fingertips and I will caress your hip so gently so that you can know that I hate me.

I hate the side that has the power to make you cry. I hate the side that could possibly come between you and I which is why I hide this side because his morals are gone and only darkness abides. He knows not the ties that lie between us he just knows the sky in all its bits and pieces. So I say sorry for what words he's spoken that could leave you heart broken. I love you and I hope these words go unspoken because my love for you can never be broken.


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