somewhere a little girl is scared

because her 


classmate hit her

she told a teacher but,

"Boys will be boys"


Somewhere else

a 10 year old girl cries

because she wants to play football

But her


Classmates said no to her

she told a teacher but,

"sports are for Boys and you know, Boys will be boys"


another place 

a girl is being shoved by her



because she wouldn't date their friend

she tells a teacher but, 

"you should have been nicer, and Boys will be boys''


Then, a 15 year old

is being harrased and catcalled 

by her 



she thinks about telling someone

but she knows what they will say,

"Boys will be boys''


But, no

girls don't experience sexism

Sorry that we spoke up

Sorry that we fought back


but we are done







This poem is about: 
Our world
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man... you wrote it very beautifully and expressed the sorrows of every girl.
"boys will be boys" this slang have to change and a girl should be respected.
a real gentleman will never treat a lady like this


Oh my gosh somebody read this!!!! I'm so happy!! I'm glad that you can relate!! Much love!



Hi! I want to include this poem in one of my essay's and I would like to give credit to you. Can you state your name?




Hello! Thank you so much, I love that! unfortenetly I am a minor and dont feel comfortable sharing my last name, however, my first name is Katie. Let me know how your essay turns out, and if you still want to, you can tottaly use my poem still!



Thank you so much for responding & I completely understand!! I love the poem :D

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