Sorrow is the pitter patter of rain drumming steadily on my roof.

It is the feeling of a heart piercing shard of pain.

Sorrow represent an earsplitting wail of loss.

It is the revulsion toward anything that brings us happiness while also trying to push away a reality

of pain.

When love is lost or becomes dark and dreary we mend our heart into a battlefield of sorrow.

Sorrow is a reality where your heart is shattering into a million unfixable pieces.

It snuffs out the light of life like a flame starved of oxygen, short, suddenly, and without warning.

Sorrow is that malicious envy that drives us to insanity an murder, unintended by the sage and tranquil mind but by disturbed and tainted brain. 

It fills us all and when you bask in sorrow you spiral down into depression and aniexty, drowning us in the neverending sea of darkness. 

Sorrow an emotion that kills, through the brain, the heart, the soul. Beware the feelings of sorrow!




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