Sore Ear in an Empty Restaurant

This place is hollow

Musty lamps ignite the room

The only thing to fill up space 

Is noise of eating 

chewing on bread 

So we do not have to chew on words

What to say

Sounds of crumbs 

Dropping onto the table

In order too

Fill up 

tangents of silence

Conversations consists of 

One worded responses

Unless more effort 

Is put out

Which is attempted 

Though futile

Because all you receive

How hard life 

is going to be 

There is trying

Despite from single sides 

How is your day?


How is work going?


You know

It is crazy

No amount of bread crumbs

Ice water or wine 

Could take up 

Vacant stare in your eyes 


wishing for that state

More attempts to make this

a clean slate

Comments of monetary value 

Refute of how 

Still no trying

not enough at least

What do you expect 

In this situation 

Empty restaurant shambles  

The main course could not

Come soon enough

Might be rude 



Get me out of here

as soon as possible

My apologizes 


Most of us

Have managed too

Take bread specks

Turn it into cake 

While you just chose 

To be wiped down

End up on the floor

Crushed by leather shoes 

Then complain about the carpet


Ways of this thinking 

Are unfathomably 

Dismissive see? 

Rather would it be 

A bread crumble cake 

Or carpet crumbs 

The way of 

Reflectivity is 

Draining me


Check please 

How much 

Is it for a plate full

Chatter-less chatter

Receiver of a complimentary 

Sore ear   




This poem is about: 
My family


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