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Dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair.  

Brown skin, dark skin, dark brown skin.

How I wish I had your snow white complexion.

Brown eyes, dark eyes, dark brown eyes.

My dull lenses are no match to your ocean blue ones.

Big hair, thick & curly hair, big thick & curly hair.

Your straight blonde tresses are so elegant and perfect.

White skin, pale skin, pale white skin.

Skin bleaching might help, or maybe plastic surgery.

Blue eyes, light eyes, light blue eyes.

These contacts might work, I’ll be sure to wear them more often.

Blonde hair, straight hair, straight blonde hair.

A straightener will do the trick, oh, and definitely some hair dye.

Swelling skin, burning skin, swelling burning skin.

Why the irritation?

Sensitive eyes, wet eyes, sensitive wet eyes.

Why the stinging and numbness?

Falling hair, ugly hair, falling ugly hair.

Why the hair loss and heat damage?

It’ll get better…right…?

Sure it will, I mean, what’s beauty without a little bit of pain?

Soon, I’ll be pretty…soon…

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