Sonnet #666


United States
37° 2' 10.8492" N, 83° 57' 11.7252" W

It's all tears from here--
A one way-ticket to eternal heartache.
Darling, you're the only one I can fear--
The one who can make my heart break.
When I look into your eyes and see your face,
This world's a heaven set afire, then it silently will shatter,
Leaving a gaping hole in the crumbling ground, creating a place
For the demons of hell to come forth, putting our beating hearts on a charred silver platter.
And once we're before Lucifer's throne, we'll sing our love's diabolical hymn:
"Per experientiam scire stultorum - funus amore erit." ....
I see you grow tired, and through your eyes, the world is growing dim--
And Lucifer's chorale uproarously laughs: "You deserve to forever bleed!"
Darling, before they tear us apart, know that only my love will ever fix
Your alone and scared heart--number six hundred three score and six.

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I love this very inventive and an amazing piece using self expression keep writing

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