A Song for the Road


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What the Heart of an Enigmatic Teenage Girl
Said to Others Like Herself

Close your eyes, and look within you,
Past the layers, thick and strong! -
Underneath skin, bone, and sinew,
Find yourself, your soul, your song.

Find your life! Find its meaning!
Seek the path that ‘fore you lies.
On God’s arms, never stop leaning;
Keep His passion in your eyes.

Not degree, and not employment,
Are targets worth fighting for;
Peace in God is true enjoyment:
No person can ask for more.

Graduation is a threshold
That we all must journey o’er,
So we ought to put off the old,
Embrace the new, and explore.

As you make this great transition,
As you move to a new phase,
Keep in mind your heart’s condition!
Know that much rests on your ways!

Know your limits, working, playing!
Keep your priorities in mind!
Hear, — hear what others are saying!
Their needs first, and yours behind!

Words of mentors always tell us
We can take our futures’ reins,
And, expectant, they compel us
To adulthood and its strains;

Strains, which weigh upon our minds and
Test the goodness of our hearts,
Equip our souls to understand -
Thus regeneration starts.

Let us, then, embrace the changes,
With an open point of view;
If we let it, growth exchanges
Weak for strong and old for new.

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