A song of nothing

I've sung a song of nothing

So very long ago.

Lyrics twirled round my head

Pre the winter's frosted snow.

They floated past my eyes,

Through my ears, and down my throat, 

Entangling my vocal chords

And strangling me by the note.

The melodies surrounded me

Enthralling me in awe.

Grasping for the past, present,

Future I never saw.

I remained looking upward

Into the silent noise

Hoping for a better tune

Instead of failing voice.

I then sat and watched and listened

To the ever silent sound

Of distant music in the breeze

Coming up through solid ground.

The notes, they black and white, 

Washed color from the world.

I turn my head to look and find

Truth's harmonies unfurled.

Once more I reached into the space

The black, the white, the grey

Pining for, desiring

The clarity they displayed.

But once more I failed to gain them.

The songs jumped from my clutch.

So I refrain from looking up

I suggest you do as such. 



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