The Song of My Heart


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This song has me thinking, only thinking bout you
Playing your voice, soft, sexy, and smooth
It has your beat, soul and style
The rhythm of your walk, talk and smile
These charmable notes glide me side to side,
Nodding from high to low, I’m feeling your vibe!
Those words dig, dig oh so deep
From the roots of my hair to the bottom of my feet!
They pull me in, they push me out,
They take the words right out of my mouth!
My reaction to this song gives all the untold,
The passion, the love, the silver, the gold
Now holding you close we dance in the dark,
One step, two steps closer to my heart
FINALLY, the moment I fall in love with you,
Is it true, do I, do I really love you?
BOOM, SUDDENLY teary wide eyes,

Now breathing deep, hard and strong,
What’s your answer, what’s taking so long!!!!!
What do you think or feel inside,
These screaming thoughts instantly collide
Moments later, still lost words then he grapes my hips,
Leans his head down and kisses my lips
The closer we were the more your heart raced,
Your eyes lightened as well as your face
Once again you leaned closer, but you whispered in my ear
"Do you hear that noise...that humming cheer?"
The music! Yes I hear it too.....
Our song, one sound, one beat of me and you.

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