Sonetto Infatuo


United States
30° 27' 24.9408" N, 97° 58' 12.666" W

Upon his physique void o' flaw I gaze,
One alike is by mine encounter rare,
Jaded not I of said art in a daze,
Mine orbs of green resisteth not to stare.

His lips addicting and charming his smile,
Yielding a dulcet and solacing sound,
Oh, from which I melt, leaving me beguiled,
A provoking touch declare me unwound.

Skin so divine fervently I beseech,
To embrace and 'cross his body move mine,
As a wave flowing upon a warm beach,
His presence itself results in cloud nine.

Though perhaps far too early this may be,
I am, I believe, so in love with thee.


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