Somewhere Far Away


United States
34° 16' 48.7092" N, 118° 29' 53.0664" W

Time has passed and I have grown
Embracing what is not my own

I left that Somewhere; with all it's ways
And I haven't gone back, for years and days
It's red brides, rivers, and golden rays
All it's treasures offered on trays

I live in this Here, this glorious place
Surrounded by all it's superficial grace
In this land, a land always apace
For it's worldy pleasures, and it's love of a constructed face

Here preaches it's ideal life and it's ideal creed
It's quality and it's "oppurtunites" to exceed
It's human side blinded by greed
It's attainable desires, and it's lack of need

But Somewhere echos out, with so much to say
With henna on each girl's hands and viels drying by the bay
And then all those brillant powedered colors shoot out into the day
Say that Somewhere isn't that far away.



The experience of life through the eyes of an immigrant.

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