Sometimes I'm always down,
Sometimes I'm always looking at the ground,
Sometimes I cash in on my bad luck,
Sometimes it's me lightning has struck,
Sometimes I always keep my head high,
Sometimes I feel like I can fly,
Sometimes I'm a sunny day,
Sometimes I have the power of the duh sun's rays,
Sometimes I feel the love soon sometimes I feel the hate,
Sometimes I wonder what I should appreciate, 
Sometimes I have q feeling so warm, 
Sometimes I'm caught in a storm,
Sometimes it's an internal war,
Sometimes I don't know what I stand for....



I love that last line, it's a great tie in to the idea of the archetype of the wanderer. I recently had a discussion with some friends concerning Carl Jung and his theories on archetypes, and this brought that conversation back to my mind. That last line is so deep, I feel like a lot of people could overlook it and not fully digest the meaning. But then again, I'm not sure if I can quite digest the depth of that anyway.

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