Mon, 08/12/2013 - 21:45 -- Anesiam



Maybe all the time,

There's A Victimless crime.

Sometimes I want to just stand up and let go

Show you your troubles and all of your false hope.


Dont you get discouraged or blame it on the dope


Cause this life is more than you thought that you could cope.


If you had the chance would you tighten the rope?


Would you sell all that dope?


Or would you search for the cape of good hope?







Cause your caught in the lie of your life


Thinking you have to stand by and cop someones else's supply.


Thinkin your such a tough guy, but you run when you hear the war cry.


Listen, you're not going to get a bulls-eye


And you're not going to get a third try


by being the devils ally.


No hope is going to strangely drop by


You're the mind of the devil - aka evil eye.





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