Something Missing

Surrounded by a sea of people,

People I know, people that love me…

So why aren’t I happy?

Why isn’t this enough?

And why do I yearn for more?

I have almost everything…

There is nothing to be sad for

Nothing to be mad for

Nothing to long for

Yet I want so much more.

More than what I have…

So much more

Because what I have isn’t even close to enough.

But what do I want?

Who is missing?

What is missing?

I want to cry, to scream, because I’m suffocating here…

Surrounded by people who love me, people who are suppose to know me…

But I don’t know me anymore…

I’m just a numb hole, that feels nothing yet is drowning in an unexplainable sorrow.

What am I missing?

Because something is wrong and something is missing...

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