Something in the Mirror

Mon, 08/05/2013 - 15:46 -- Dearly


There was something in the mirror,

When I looked into it today,

Something else in the mirror,

What it was, I shouldn't say.

I only caught a glimpse of it

As I was passing by,

That something in the mirror...

Describe it?

Well, I'll try.

I was a dark and mean,

Hard, it seemed,

Sharp, and cold,

Twisted, and old.

All this in a flash to see,

For, startled, I looked again,

But the only thing in that glass to see,

Was the familiar face of me.

But certain I am that it was there

Like walking down a thoroughfare,

Lost in one's own mind,

Startled, you look up to find

The one who called your name,

But your eyes alight

On no-one to take the blame.

Though certain you were

That some other soul

Had gone and called your name.

And like then. I now am sure

I saw a demon in the mirror there,

I saw a monster in the mirror there,

Some evil thing in the mirror there,

This morning when I passed by.

And so like then,

When one's name one heard,

Something in that mirror stirred,

And though I have not seen it since,

And likely again will never see

I am ever sure I saw

That devilish thing in the mirror there,

That hateful thing in the mirror there, 

There is no worse thing one can see,

And yet,

I am certain that it was me. 


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