Something I Don't Understand

Something I don't understand

Is why we are always fighting

Who's right, and who's wrong?

Who's to blame, who do we disagree with?

Does it matter?

Do we have to convince the other side

That we are the ones who are right?

Must we argue constantly 

Endlessly, day and night?

Rudeness and confidance

Riches and politics

On and on we go

With things that will never make us happy


Something I don't understand

Is why everyone must agree

Forcing our beliefs and dreams

On others, who just want to be free

Stand up for what you believe in, yes

Fight for what is true

But does that honestly mean

That everyone must conform

To the standards that we set?

Does everyone have to agree

On conflict and desire

Does everyone have to believe

That life is just a game?

Every action has a consquence

A butterfly's flight

A gentle hand

A heated fight

Every word has it's effect


Something I don't understand

Is why we don't agree to disagree?

No more lying and scheming

Let's pull our effort

Into hoping and dreaming

It is your choice to accept and embrace,

To simply tolerate,

To give or to take.

Don't be guilted or shamed

Into giving up on yourself

You can believe what you want

Just be an example to everyone else.


Something I don't understand

Is since when does disagreeing mean hate?

Can't I believe something else,

Without being a subject of debate?

Elephant or donkey

Religeon or science

Life or choice

Love or "hate"

What does that really mean?

Stop guilting people, stop lying too

If you really believe in something

Show me your view

Please, please

Don't shove it down my throat


Something I don't understand

Is why people can't just see

There's left, and there's right

There's up, and there's down

So you must come to realize

The middle is realistically the ground.


Let's stop blowing hot air

Floating in the sky

Engorged by our own egos

While our lives are slipping by

Enjoy what you have now

Spread joy wherever you may go

Don't waste your time convincing others against

Things that they defend

Life your life to the fullest

You never know when it may end.

This poem is about: 
My country


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