Something That Happened To Me

Its amazing how I feel in love with you

You were a pain in the a** and so foolish

But you made me fall, how clever.

I gave you my heart, but you still weren't loyal.

You caused me so much pain.

I hurting badly, to the point i couldn't stop crying

Cry after cry after cry.

How stupid was I  for falling  for you,

And I still love you after all the pain.

How can I be so foolish?

All I wanted was loyalness.

But you were too clever.

I mean you made me fall hard, how clever.

Now i can't stop crying,

I was nothing but loyal,

But it wasn't enough for you.

But of course i’m foolish,

I caused myself all that pain,

But in reality you caused me all this pain.

I was dumb and not clever,

I was stupid and foolish,

I was stupid for crying,

I was the was the one who fell for you ,

I was the one who was loyal,

Why couldn't your a** stay loyal?

I mean you put me through so much pain,

It could have been just me and you,

But you played me, how clever.

And now here I am crying,

For someone like you, so foolish.

You got me looking so foolish,

Cause you weren't so loyal,

But i’m the stupid one for crying.

Crying for someone who caused me all this pain,

Maybe someday i will be more clever,

And maybe I will finally stop loving you.

You dont realize how your so foolish.

Clever you were and I was nothing but loyal.

Pain you caused me, but now i’m done crying.

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