Something Dark

An endless summertime bliss at a tall, tan, inviting home on the beach,

The waves of summer roll in and slowly leave an impression in the white sand,

A girl, seventeen and beautiful, filled with freckles

Slightly lifts her painted finger to turn the page of a romance novel,

And without consideration for her beauty

The sun hides behind a cluster of frightening clouds

And a menacing wind whirls the girl's red hair into a tangle.

Her novel shuts suddenly; the romance is over.

The salty sea reaches up and pulls her by the legs into the water,

A hurricane pushes her closer and closer to an unswimmable madness,

Compelling her to be enveloped by the ocean

And she goes willingly,

Submitting to a fate of sorts,

Because the endless summertime had to end.


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Our world
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