~Some Nights~

Some nights I lay restless

As the wind, a common commuter,

Having his travels through the trees

Greetings to the leaves

Down to the prickly grass

A gentle pass

To the stardust sky 

With her half-closed milky eye


Some nights I lay disturbed

As the soft soil, a weary mother,

Hushing her weeping roses

Morning dew falling off petal noses

Small creatures festering the skin

Churning bubbly emotions that suspend within

The purple sky, a symbol of power,

Brings her hope even in the darkest hour


Some nights I lay in doubt

As the ocean, a scrutinizing artist,

Whose mind, vast and deep,

is self-deprecating and lacks sleep

Turning its waves of pages down

To the sandy beach who drowns

In inspiration and adorns

The figure who's most forlorn


Some nights I lay in silence

There's nothing to hear

Nothing to see

And so I fall



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